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My whiskysite is written in Swedish, but this page will be entirely in English.

Breaking news!
In July 2012 I took the hard decision to stop collecting every bottle BenRiach releases. I got information from Alistair Walker that there were coming more than 40 new single casks during autumn 2012 and I realized that it was just too much money that I had to spend just to keep up the collection. Something that I couldn't afford, so I decided to stop collecting. I don't know what I will do with my collection now, that is something I will decide in the future. I will keep on updating the collection when I do buy new bottles and I will keep all the information about my collection even if I do empty the bottles. I hope the information about all the bottles released up until July 2012 can be of some use for people interested in what has been released in the past from BenRiach.

I normally buy whisky for consumption, not always in the nearest future though. Some bottles will stay a while on my shelf to wait for that special occasion. Most of my bottles from 1965 will probably not be opened until October 20th 2015, when I celebrate my 50th birthday. As I have always been collecting something, it's no surprise that my whiskyinterest finally ended up in a collection. So far I have collecting whiskyexperiences and number of tested whiskies, but now I have finally started to collect full bottles. I chose BenRiach because I like their whisky and they have quite a few interesting bottles. They also have a number of single casks, but not too many. I do hope that they will keep down the number of new single casks each year so I can afford to get them all. Some of the previous ones are quite hard to find and that is important too. It shouldn't be to easy to get all of them. The prices are pretty OK, and that helps. If you see or have a BenRiach bottle that I miss, please feel free to contact me for a sale or a swap. I'm also willing to buy or swap samples, so I can taste the whisky without opening my own full BenRiach bottles.

Distillery bottlings - 58 different bottles

Single Cask distillery bottlings - 191 different bottles

Independent bottlings - 123 different bottles

Mini bottles