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Springbank x 21

When I started to work for Symposion in Jaunary 2009 it didn't take long for me to come up with the idea to arrange a big Springbanktasting, as I was working with Springbank every day.
I had been buying Springbank for several years already and I was a member of the Springbank Society, so the decision was easy. I had also been to Springbank in 2008 and as Springbank is one of the classic distilleries, it was just a matter of time before i was going to arrange a big Springbanktasting anyway. So, rather do it sooner or later!

It was pretty obvious that the tasting should be of 21 whiskies. Springbank 21 is a classic and it is still talked about even though the last of that classic release was back in the 90's. I had quite a few bottles in my collection already and then I found the rest for the tastin at various auctions.
Springbank was invited to the tasting, but unfortunately no one could make it, something I remind Ranald Watson of constantly as it really annoys him to have missed this tasting.

For some obscure reason it took quite a while to get the tasting fully booked, but maybe it was the 21 different whiskies in one day that scared people. On November 14, 2009 we were 35 people that were full of anticipation that entered the venue.
And they went home really happy after tasting the following 21 fantastic Springbank:

Flight 1:
Springbank CV, 90's bottling, OB, 46%
Springbank 12, green thistle, OB, 46%
Springbank 15, tall bottle, OB, 46%
Springbank 18, 2009 bottling, OB, 46%
Springbank 1997, 180 years Anniversary, Society bottling, 48,7%
Springbank 1990, 17 yo, port, Society bottling, 51,5%

Flight 2:
Springbank 12, tall bottle, OB, 57%
Springbank 21, bottled 2001, OB, 46%
Springbank 21, ceramic, OB, 43%
Springbank 21, dumpy gold label, OB, 46%  
Springbank 25, dumpy red label, OB, 46%
Springbank 25, bottled 2006, OB, 46%
Springbank 25 dumpy gold label, OB, 46%
Springbank 32, OB, 46%

Flight 3:
Springbank 2001, OB, 55,1%
Springbank 1996, Cream Sherry, OB, 55,2%
Springbank 1996, Manzanilla Sherry, OB, 55,8%
Springbank 1996, 9 yo, Marsala Wood, OB, 58%
Springbank 1991, 16 yo, Rum Wood, OB, 54,2%
Springbank 1997, 11 yo, Madeira Wood, OB, 55,1%
Springbank 2000-2009, Cask 614, OB for Schönbeck and Sjöholm, 50%


Magnus Fagerström, July 2012